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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Catching up, part II

How to be in Barcelona and not talk about the Barça, one of the best football team on the planet!?

2 weeks ago, we took advantage of the birthday and the visit of my friend Rodolphe to all go to Camp Nou and see the Barça play. Even though most of you know I'm far from being a football fan, I was quick in adopting the local uniform:

We were blessed by 2 great goals from Ronaldinho. Amazing guy. The difference with the other players is so visible that they seem to come from another league.

Even the girls, Emilie and Camille, enjoyed the game! So you can believe me when I say it's magic ;-)
By the way, if you want tickets for a Barça game, you better know some members of the club. This is the most cr@ppy booking system I have ever seen for any event. Anyway, when you live in Spain you quickly become used to that level of service...

Emilie already came with me to check out Camp Nou some days before:

We will of course try to see other games, which shouls be relatively easy with people from the school, as I'm obviously not the only one who got hooked by that team!


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